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"I Want to Heal and Make a Better World for All, through my Artwork and Photojournalism" - Imani McCray

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IMANI McCRAY - Photographer Artist

Be the change: Morocco

"Resilience Through Crisis: Humanitarian Food Aid in the Aftermath of Morocco's Earthquake." 


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In the aftermath of Morocco's earthquake, which struck with a magnitude of 6.4 on the Richter scale, the impact on communities was profound. As a result of this seismic event, a significant portion of the population, estimated at around 1.5 million people, found themselves grappling with immediate and dire circumstances. The tremors not only caused widespread structural damage but also disrupted vital infrastructure, including access to food sources, leaving many without the means to secure their daily sustenance. 

Since the seismic event, the challenges have been multifaceted. Access to food has emerged as a critical concern, exacerbated by the destruction of agricultural land and disruption of supply chains. Families and communities have been left vulnerable, struggling to procure basic necessities due to the scarcity of resources. The earthquake-induced displacement further compounded the issue, with numerous individuals now residing in makeshift shelters, facing uncertainties about their next meal.

Capturing the human resilience
Titled: Generational Trimmers, 2023 Digital photography 20 x 50 cm

In response to this crisis, humanitarian efforts have played a pivotal role in alleviating the suffering of those affected. Myself working with World Central Kitchen initiative, in collaboration with local organizations and volunteers, aimed to address immediate food needs by distributing essential supplies to the hardest-hit areas. Through this intervention, we endeavored not only to provide sustenance but also to instill a sense of hope and solidarity within communities reeling from the aftermath.

The project's essence lies not only in the provision of food aid but also in the profound impact it has had on the lives of the recipients. Capturing the human resilience amidst adversity, the project portrays stories of perseverance and strength.

Through the lens of impactful images, it highlights the spirit of solidarity and compassion that emerged in the face of this disaster, showcasing the resilience of the human spirit.

My documentation encapsulates not just the statistical impact of the earthquake but also the human stories behind the numbers, revealing the courage and tenacity displayed by individuals in the wake of such devastation. It is a testament to the unwavering determination of both aid providers and the affected populace to rebuild and restore normalcy, despite the challenges that persist.

The ones that stormed the Capitol
Titled: Juxtapositions, Jan 06th 2021, 40 x 50 cm, International Photography Award

In summary, our humanitarian food aid initiative in Morocco following the earthquake is a narrative of resilience, compassion, and the unyielding spirit of humanity.

It underscores the significance of immediate intervention and sustained support in restoring dignity and hope to communities facing the aftermath of a natural disaster. Through my documentation, I aim to shed light on the ongoing challenges and the enduring need for continued support to aid in the recovery and rebuilding process.

McCarthy Gallery is proud to represent Imani McCray prolific artworks in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region.

In addition to fostering a sense of optimism and solidarity, we hope that this exhibition will increase awareness in our communities, many of which are still in shock from tragedies and suffering.

Exhibition is on until 28th March 2024

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