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08 - 28 MARCH 2024




Imani McCray

International Art Award


East Carolina University

Date of Photograph

January 6th 2021

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McCarthy Gallery is excited to present our selected series of our gallery artist, curated exhibitions—celebrating Pacific & World contemporary art—As well as an opportunity to collaborate closely with our patrons, partners and collectors. 


Be The Change is a multifaceted photo-journalistic design series highlighting some amazing people working to shape a better future through vast forms of social justice.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1992 as a black child, the probability of me being dead or a negative statistic was inherited from birth. While I experienced much trauma and pain growing up as a child of poverty, divorce, abuse, and adoption, I recognize that there is much love and hope in the world. Therefore, I want to heal and make a better world for all through my artwork and photojournalism. With the help of those who have come into my life, I have triumphed over many negative odds and wish to help others overcome their adversity. As individuals, it’s not our fault that we have inherited a broken world--a world where a single breath can sometimes feel like it is too much to go on. Our once-flourishing flora browns and withers, our clean water becomes sewage, our air turns to carbon, viruses flourish, and peace turns to war and violence. Nevertheless, if we are conscious enough to recognize these and so many more global issues, we are then bestowed with a new responsibility to act. Through the challenge of healing my community and the broader world, I found the power and my passion for photojournalism. We cannot hide from the truth, instead, we must expose the truth and find ways to encourage love and hope and defeat violence and hatred. 


McCarthy Gallery is proud to represent Imani McCray in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific.



Mini-Documentary Series | 12:00 | By the Artists



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