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Art & Design Consultancy

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Our Services

Our Art & Design Consultancy services and art projects is underpinned by the desire to encourage innovation, creativity, and collaboration and value the contribution of our artists to the public and private domain.

Acquisitions, appraisals, restoration and framing guidance, investment prospects, and collection administration are all included in this customer-focused service.

Fine Art Services

Our independent Art & Design Consultancy specialises in art creative, buying, agent, art, and design projects, developing and delivering permanent and temporary art and cultural initiatives.


Including strategy development, local or national public art symposiums, commissions, community engagements, and creative educational vocations programs. In our experience, arts, creativity, and culture have the power to transform communities and activate spaces, places, and buildings. 

We take a holistic approach in celebrating art & design by working with a wide range of art professional partners and striving to deliver outcomes that meet the needs and ambitions of our clients.


We work collaboratively with artists, designers, architects, brands and cultural departments and communities. We pride ourselves on 30 years of combined knowledge, experience and expertise in the creative industries across New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific.


Contact us for a no-obligation quote or to chat with our art consultant.

Telephone: +61 2 8358 2471


Our Art Consultant Do:


  • Provides advice on purchasing art

  • Helps build art collections

  • Helps private clients and businesses source artworks

  • Appraises artworks

  • Organises delivery and installation

  • Provides art and design consultation onsite

  • Delivers custom needs


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