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McCarthy Gallery Framing

Our master custom framing services are designed for the convenience of our customers and to highlight and complement the unique elements of any type of artwork, from painting, conservation mounting of prints, photographs, canvas stretching, or anything artistic. 

We pride ourselves with our experience combined with our framing partner offering 75 years of combined experience, providing expert advice and custom solutions using modern conservation techniques and materials. 

Free Framing Consultation

Contact us for a no-obligation quote. Select from array of design and framing options. 

Telephone: 02 8358 2471


Request a quote and you get 10% OFF for your first frame with us and 5% OFF your next framing purchase.

McCarthy Gallery_Fonofale McCarthy_Tuufaatasi_2023_framedwoodcut_375x1235mm_edition10_$592

Free Consultation:

  • Provides advice on purchasing art

  • Helps build art collections

  • Helps private clients and businesses source artworks

  • Appraises artworks

  • Organises delivery and installation

  • Provides art and design consultation onsite

  • Delivers custom needs

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